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    Culture Tour – Gambella, Surma & Kibish

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    HET 300 – Culture Tour – Gambella, Surma & Kibish

    Tour Duration: 20 nights & 21 days
    Season: September – May

    The region is rich in wildlife resources, with three major national parks. Distinctly different from other parts of Ethiopia, from broad vistas the visitor can look out over a mixture of fertile grasslands, terraced hillsides, broad rivers and forests. Centuries of migration and interaction between groups of people have created a complex pattern of ethnic, linguistic ,and when a change of climate and environment have influenced the mode of production .In areas of the south and south-west we can safely assume over 45 ethnic groups with distinct cultural traditions and languages resides.

    Why you choose this package!

    • Gurage people
    • Surma people
    • Agnuak people
    • Nuer people
    • Dizi people
    • Kibish people
    • Wenchi Crater Lake
    • Omo National park
    • Walal National Park

    Day 1,Arrive in Addis Ababa

    Arrive in Addis Ababa, meet and greet, transfer to hotel, rest. 

    Day 2,Drive to Nekemte

    Drive from Addis to Nekemte visiting the Shoa and Wolega Oromos. Nekemte is a market town in western Ethiopia, in the Misraq Welega Zone of the Oroma Region. The town is home to a museum of Wollega Oromo culture and is the seat of an Apostolic Vicariate of the Roman Catholic Church. Nekemte- visit Kumusa Moroda 19th century palace and Wollega Museum

    Day 3,Further to Gimbi, Nejo and Assosa

    Further to Gimbi, Nejo and Assosa: - visit organic coffee plantations, traditional gold miners in Nejo and Shek Hojele palace in Assosa

    Day 4,Assosa – Gimbi- Dembidolo

    Assosa – Gimbi- Dembidolo – Visit Dhati – Walal National Park (Herds of Buffalo and Hippos), near to Dembi Dolo

    Day 05,Drive Dembi Dollo to Gambella

    Drive from Dembi Dollo to Gambella, the capital of the Gambela Region that nestles at the confluence of the Baro River and its tributary the Jajjaba. The town is home to an airport and the Gambela National Park is nearby

    Day 06,Excursion to see the Agnuak people

    Excursion to see the Agnuak people. These Nilotes are a river people whose villages are scattered along the banks and rivers of southeastern Sudan and western Ethiopia, in the Gambela Region. The Agnuak people are herdsmen and famers, believed to have a common origin with the Luo and Shilluk.

    Day 07,Excursion to see the Nuer poeple

    Excursion to see the Nuer poeple, who live mostly in Southern Sudan, in the Upper Nile Province around the junction of the Nile River and the Bahr el Ghazal and Sobat River, and extend up the Sobat across the border into Ethiopia. These people are said to have begun an active migrations in the 1800s, and as they moved eastward, they pushed the Anuak people further east into Ethiopia. The Nuers are tall and dark, and their culture and that of the Dinka are similar. The Nuer people are mostly found in Akobo; Jikawo and Itang.

    Day 08,Drive to Mizan Teferi

    Drive from Gambella to Mizan Teferi. Mizan Teferis is in southern Ethiopia and is the largest town and the administrative center of the Bench Maji Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region. Mizan Tefere also has an airport

    Day 09,Mizan Teferi – Bebeka (225 Km)

    Mizan Teferi – Bebeka (225 Km). Drive from Mizan Teferi to Bebeka. Along the road; overlook coffee, tea and spice production.

    Day 10,Drive from Bebeka to Tum

    Drive from Bebeka to Tum. On the way, visit Bebeka Coffee plantation

    Day 11,Drive from Tum to Maji

    Morning; drive from Tum to Maji. On the way visit some villages of Dizi. At the middle of the day; attend the Saturday market in Maji. This Market is most popular amongst ethnical markets in the River Omo region. Explore Surma and Menit tribes in the market

    Day 12,Drive from Maji to Kibish

    Drive from Maji to Kibish. Arrive in Kibish via Tulgit

    Day 13,Kibish- Omo National Park

    Head to Omo National park, one of the least visited park in Ethiopia with rich mammals and birds life

    Day 14,Omo National park

    Full day safari in the park to admire the different wild animals including the Defarsa waterbuck, Eland, Buffalo, Warthog, and more

    Day 15,Full day excursion

    Full day excursion. Discover the life style of The Surma people in their villages. The Surma women are best known for inserting round clay plates in their lips

    Day 16,Drive from Kibish to Bebeka

    Drive from Kibish to Bebeka/Mizan Teferi

    Day 17,Mizan Teferi-Bonga- Jimma

    Drive back to Jimma. En route visit the water falls and the big jungle in the small town of Bonga.

    Day 18,In Jimma

    In Jimma, visit Abba Jiffar Palace to see the former palace complex of the Kaffa king and the Jimma Museum

    Day 19,Drive to Welisso

    Drive to Welisso En route visits the Ghibe gorge and the typical Gurage house in the small commercial town of Welkite.

    Day 20,Wenchi Crater Lake

    After some time in the hot spring of Weliso head to Wenchi Crater Lake to visit the picturesque lake scenery and the ancient Monastery of Cherkos on a boat ride and back to Addis Ababa

    Day 21,Day stay in Addis Ababa

    Day stay in Addis Ababa, rest and have some sightseeing tour, evening farewell dinner and transfer out to Airport

    Horizon Guides

    We have highly skilled and efficient drivers and guides with us, to make your vacations comfortable and memorable. Our drivers have knowledge in travel field and know about vehicle maintenance too. Our guides are multilingual, well-trained in wildlife identification, flora and fauna as well as the region's history and the way of life of the local people. They also guide you for the best site for camping and photographing site and they have been often praised for their impeccable behavior and neatness.

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    Additional Info

    • Check In : 01 September, 2017
    • Check Out : 31 May, 2017
    • Duration : 21 Days, 20 NIghts
    • Availability : 40
    • Price : $
    • Location : Gambella, Surma & Kibish

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    Tour Duration: 20 nights & 21 days Season: September - May Tour can be customized Some nights will have camping in tents


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